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my cats chasin this fly and the fly just landed on me


annaohbyrne asked orange is the new black or orphan black


so think about dexter and saracen realizing just how deep skulduggery’s mental instability, homicidal urges and self-destructive behaviors go

think about dex and saracen realizing that it was valkyrie and ghastly keeping skulduggery from nose-diving off the slippery slope

think about dex and saracen being incredibly angry at skulduggery for the whole darquesse/val thing and then realizing he barely registers their anger at all—he just does not care anymore. 

think about how dex and saracen will feel once they realize they cannot get through to their old friend no matter what they do

think about dex and saracen pushing skulduggery too hard on the subject of darquesse (or any subject really) and one/both of them getting a belt in the mouth for it

(dexter calls him on not telling them about valkyrie, says he cared too damn much about her to do what was right, she’s dangerous skulduggery what in the name of god were you thinking—were you in love, is that it?  and the moment dex mentions the word love skulduggery gives him a black eye and a bust lip)

think about dex and saracen realizing that the events of the past few years (the faceless ones, serpine, baron vengeous, the loss of corrival deuce, mr bliss, tanith, valkyrie, anton and ghastly, the whole death bringer debacle, kitana and her cronies, this latest thing) have taken even more of a toll on skulduggery’s mental health than they ever thought

(it’s one late night and the three of them are in the middle of nowhere because the rest of the team is off doing another mission and skulduggery tells them about the realm of the faceless ones, apropros of nothing, and saracen wants to cry and dexter has practically worn a hole in his cheek from chewing on it)

imagine dex and saracen trailing helplessly after skulduggery while he brutalizes/kills people, because if they try and stop him he’ll just wait until they’re gone and do it on his own

(the only person skulduggery ever stopped killing people for was valkyrie and she’s not here anymore)

think about dex and saracen feeling completely unable to help their friend

think about dex and saracen feeling guilty for not being there when skulduggery (and the rest of the dead men) needed them

(so they make damn sure to stick by skulduggery’s side no matter what now, they don’t know what he is anymore but they know he needs them)

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very excited for skulduggery to punch dex in the face

is wrestling a fandom who knows ;; talk about wwe

  • brad maddox is really hot i love brad maddox i see myself a lot in brad maddox what a guy
  • triple h/shawn michaels = v important
  • do you remember the boogeyman???? who’s the boogeyman??? you figure it out
  • i saw the undertaker live once that was pretty cool 
  • my brother stood really close to kelly kelly once but her bodyguard made him go back to his seat (i think he was in the background of an interview just standing around)
  • i used to be really scared of the undertaker i’d hide whenever his creepy entrance thing started 
  • u know that mcmahon guy is he still around i hated him
  • i used to try singing rey mysterio’s theme and i still dont know the words
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